Neville and The Law Of Assumption

Well daylight has come, the sun is shining and I can finally stand upright. Damn this has been a shitty week as far as health goes let me tell you.

Not that I’m prone to wining. I pretty much suck it up when it comes to pain. This last week though was unbearable. The cold, the coughing and throwing my back out to what felt like left field, man, it was killer.

And it had an effect on my attitude, as much as I did to prevent it. I have to confess it did. Dragging my ass around all week. Focus was thrown off. Everything. So for that, I have to apologize cuz I’m pretty sure I have been firing on only 2 of the 8 cylinders I usually work with.

Now, all that said, today is a new day, I’m back, feelin’ good and ready to kick some serious ass again. . . .

Neville. These radio lectures from 1951. They have been short. Too the point and set up what I am seeing as the Neville science experiment. Why? Because it reminds me of high school chemistry class. If you took it you may know what I’m talking about. The way we setup those lab experiments.

The parts of the lab report were:

  • Purpose or Problem
  • Hypothesis- the if this is true then that is true statement
  • Materials
  • Procedure
  • Data/Results/Observations
  • Analysis
  • Conclusion

So who cares right? Well if you put what you’re discovering with Nevilles methods into this format, for me at least, it brings a different clarity to the process.

Especially the if this then that bit. And I use this one a lot. And it seems to fit well with today’s lecture, The Law Of Assumption.

And taken down to a single point of focus this is what Neville says:

“Define your highest ideal and concentrate your attention upon this ideal until you identify yourself with it. Assume the feeling of being it – the feeling that would be yours were you now embodying it in your world. This assumption, though now denied by your senses, “if persisted in” – will become a fact in your world.” ~ Neville


That’s my take on it what’s yours?


And with that let me leave you with a few things, here’s a video by Michael Bubble to celebrate today with, funny, bobby and bright.


And here’s today Neville Lecture, The Law Of Assumption


And here’s today’s audio of The Law Of Assumption


That’s it for today, enjoy.

Leave me a comment and let me know how you use this Law.





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