Hacking Your Neville Sessions To Get You More Clarity

Have you ever notice when you’re dreaming or doing an imagining session trying to feel the emotions and feeling of a particular bit you’re doing that the clarity of that vision comes and goes?image of hand to use when visualizing in meditation

That the images you’re creating with your mind fade all to quickly and you just can’t seem to keep them “solid” long enough?. . .

Wouldn’t  you love a nice eezy peezy way to stop that from happening? . . .

Let me share this method I’ve been using to keep clarity and focus when imagining and feeling a situation into form. . . .

Here’s a simple little hack that I discovered to keep clarity and focus while building scenes that you may like. So simple it’s silly really, like most simple things though it works incredibly well.

Before any session you do or when you’re just hanging out any time during your day, study your hands. I mean really , really study them.

Make the image of your hands burned into your ind so you know and can see in your minds eye every tiny detail. Every nick, scratch, tiny perfections and lines that are there. What do your hands look like as you reach out to grasp something? To hold the hand of another? Pick something up. . . literally watch how they move for a few days, hey even a few minutes.

Then, when you’re imagining a scene, you’re building the images in your mind that you are attaching feeling to, if focus drifts, go immediately to the image of your hand that is panted in your mind.

What you’ll find, is the sharp image you have of your hands and what they do and how they look, feel, and move, will bring incredibly sharp focus on the event you are creating simply due to the clarity of the vision you have of your hands.

This will allow you to get back into the previous visioning you were building and bring a sharper clarity to THAT  bit of the image you’re building.

And whenever you find yourself loosing focus, go back to “seeing” your hand and make it a part of what you are doing/building. Not only will this bring a clearer picture for you it will also more firmly tie “you” into the scenario your are building.

Go ahead and give it a try and let me know how it works out for you.

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