Neville and Me

Just as an aside, I have to tell you how much I’m enjoying recording these audios from Nevilles lectures.

It’s given me a chance to revisit them all again from a different vantage point and soem very interesting things seem to be happening. I’m not 100% positive about what I’m seeing so I’m not going to give the full sccop as yet.

I am making notes along the way so I’ll pop some of that information in here as I add some more audios.

I’m not big on the woo-woo part of all this and am by no means an advocate of the LOA crowd hysteria so don’t expect that to be any part of this. Don;t get me wrong I’ve had my share of the woo-woo experiences in the course of my life.

Being aware kinda does that for you. I’m also not going to try an explain it away with some imagined scientific experiment. The experiences are what they are and as I always say, take from it what you like, all I’m doing is sharing them with you. Believe or don’t, your choice.

I do hope though that you’re enjoying the audios and see you soon.

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