Just a Moment in Time

A quick one today. Something that always gets my feeling part moving….. Getting into the feeling of joy and then painting an image around it. I use this sometimes to start it.

Every time I see her face,
I feel peace and joy inside.
Her eyes they shine,
And her face is aglow,
With the simple joy of life.

A gift from above,
So shiny and new,
This child of yours and mine.
She laughs and gives love,
Without a care
No tethers to bind her,
So open and aware.


The love I feel when she’s by my side,
Is like a warm, soothing, summers night.
So grateful I am for this gift you bore,
And brought down into our lives.


How can I ever say or express,
The total expanse of my joy,
At this tiny bundle of life,
A truly shared blessing
For us both, we two.
Is here now before our eyes.


So whole and complete,
With no cares in the world.
She glows like the sun, moon and stars.
What has she brought for us to see.
What once was two
Has now become three.


Every time I see her face,
I feel total peace inside.
Share with me this union.
This piece of you and I.


The eyes, the smile.
The complete look of joy.
She lightens the heart
And brightens our world.


Whatever may come,
Whatever may be.
This vision of love,
I will always see.

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