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Taking A Look In The Mirror

is what today’s Neville lecture is all about.

For those who are looking for something of a “where do I start” point, this is likely the lecture.

Several points to make note of here, like what Neville says on desire, the fact of starting with nothing and what I would say is facing the biggest fear, and I think that one we all go through at some point. Especially at the start of any venture we partake in that is life changing or transformational.

Anyways, go listen and read this lecture, it’s a good for sure.


Here’s the link for the Neville lecture Changing The Feeling Of I

and here’s the link for the Neville audio lecture Changing The Feeling Of I



Talk soon.


Changing Up and Going With Spirit

Time for some more changes and creativity. For sure going with some spirit now.

You’ll be seeing a whole bunch of new things going on around here in the next few weeks. I’m devoting my senses now. My intuition and my spirit. Seems there’s folks that want to hear what I have to say so if that’s the case I’ll bring some of it here for you.

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