Spirit Moves

Well the moving is over. Along with the move, came a few revelations. Not only how we hold on to what no longer works for us but actually how compfortable we/I become with it.

All the wotk at clearing out the old beliefs, the healoling that followed and the implanting of new ones. Coming out the other end is pretty refreshing. More spring in your step, a cheerier attitude and just the oveall feeling of well being returned after that old clogged energy was released.

During the whole packing, throwing out, moving process I came accross more than a few revelations. For me at least. I’m not sure if you experience the same thing, but from my experience, most of us stay in the same place for years.

If you move a lot, chances are good that you come across the same things.

I had packed a lot of boxes one day and moved them to the garage for easier lading etc. While looking at the pile that was starting to build there I thought to myself, wow, there’s my life in all those boxes.

In the back of my mind there rose a laugh, which grew to me laughing outloud in the garage and  what I was hearing was, You’re serious right? You actually think those boxes of things are your life. How funny is that!

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hear voices in that way. But I do hear that little voice that comes to all of us at times.

It actually removed the feelings of melancholy that were starting to form with the fact I was moving. It really lightened up the experience. And made me realize, it’s all just stuff, it can be replaced and my spirit was still strong.

The universe came into play and everything was falling into place in less than 24 hours. The move was coming off without a hitch. The 5 days I spent waiting to get the phone and hardline put in for my internet was a bit of a challenge, but it also allowed me the time to assimilate the new beliefs and prepare for the next step.

All in all, moving was a great experience.

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