Here you go. This is where I’ll be listing a lot of the friends I’ve found online and offline and some of the materials they have for your parousal.

Now I could just do some posts and link out, which I will in some cases. Fact is this is where I’ve decided to house some of the info I’ve found to be of use on my journey of self discovery and helping me to get well on my way to living the life in my dreams.

Mayybe it will help you as well, who’s to say.

Different forms of meditation, courses you can participate in online and off. Right up front I’ll tell you there is always a price to any of this. Some monetary. For me, a lot of it’s been a price of time. Over twenty-five years of searching and exploration in some of the strangest places has brought about some of my discoveries.

Just so you know these are in no particular order of any kind.

All that being said, here we go.



 Self Developement


Prosperity Mojo Leslie Fieger


 Leslie Fieger did it again this year. What, you might ask was that. Hit a home run. With Prosperity Mojo. I picked this course up from Leslie around the time of Costa Rica. It helped me to actually SEE what was happening with my day and gave me the tools to adjust it where I needed to.

Leslie is the authour of the Delfin Trilogy, another great works put together by him. And really, Leslie is just an all around regular guy with a great mind.

You would be wise to check him out.



 Meditation or In To The Silence

I do a lot of this. Daily.

Sometimes with Neville and others with binaural beats sometimes just a nice track. Really it just depends so that’s why I have an arsenal of audios I can use as the occasion permits.

As Neville usually closed his meetings and readings with,” Now, let us go into the silence”, you know how important this part of your self developement is to keep honed and balanced.



OmHarmonics meditation imageThis from the makers of these techno meditaion beats:

Discover a revolutionary technology that let’s you experience all the benefits of deep meditaion in a matter of minutes.

Now I don’t know about you but sometimes you need that quick jolt like a mug of hot espresso to kick into gear or get out of your head, relive the stress of the minute. Omharmonics is just that.

If you, like so many others have a challenge meditating this is something you might very well benefit from. I know hundreds that have…

OmHarmonics is more than just a binaural based meditation audio – it’s the step beyond. Utilizing  Multivariate Resonance Technology (MRT) guides you intro a state of profound relaxation by aligning your senses with audible heartbeats and breathing sounds.



Deep Zen Meditation ImageThe Deep Zen meditation audio is one of the











 Folks You May Want To Check Out




Another one of the super people that I’ve had the pleasure to interact with and exchange ideas is the incomparable Mr. 20/20 over at With the many talents he has to offer it’s more than a bit of a challenge to put something here. The best thing I can do is give you the ability to go and meet him yourself and see . From personal training, to NLP to hangin in the woods and rearranging your headspace. Truly a multi faceted and incredibly talented kinda guy. What we once used to refer to as a “Renaissance Man.”

Also 20/20 offers up some great Neville info and tips there from himself and Victoria that are of course in a different voice than you get here.






Here I ‘ve put together a trilogy of books that for me were quite revealing as far as an understanding of the universal priciples and how they worked.

Thomas Trowards’ Dore and Edinburgh Lectures on Mental Science. Troward was one of the original new though teachers of the twentieth century.




kybalion[1]The other part of the trilogy of new thought is a book written by a group that called themselves the Three Initiates. It’s called The Kybalion and is a study of the Hermetic Philosophies of ancient Egypt and Greece and dedicated to the father of alchemy Hermes Trismegistus. One of the starting points for the movie The Secret and the renewal of the Law of Attraction craze that swept through, and is still sweeping through the nterwebs. 😉

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