The Only Neville Lecture You Need?

Well, maybe not the only one , though really, everything that Neville teaches us is pretty much contained in his short radio lecture from July 1951.

More on this in a minute, first let’s set the scene here.

What I have done is taken all the lectures of Nevilles I could find, some 300 to date, and gone through them and placed them in as much of a chronological order as possible.

The reason for this is twofold, for me anyways.

I wanted to see the progression of thought Neville went through as he progressed. I guess to see if it rubbed off on me the same way. Just my little thought process.. .

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Time, Your Most Valuable Commodity

And Your Most Precious Resource. . .

The most precious “thing” we have that we can offer is often times the most wasted.Vintage Pocket Watch

We sit and do nothing in front of a screen and think we are being entertained.

We spend time with people or family members we neither enjoy or have anything in common with. Sometimes with the excuse that blood is thicker than water.


Why would you put yourself through that kind of pain?

I stopped years ago.

As much as I’m guilty of sitting in front of the box I am doing more time away from it. Walking creating, sharing.

As desperation builds, frustration about a situation or circumstance gets compounded by the minute.

We trade out time for pennies on the dollar and eek out a meager existence on the way to what some call the golden years.

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Here We Morph Again

Here I morph again folks.Behind The Curtain

And I believe it’s a good thing.

After all, that’s the one thing constant in our lives right? Change.

I have spent a lot of years behind the proverbial curtain. Whether it’s been my involvement in politics, photography, online marketing, coaching.

A lot of that time has been in the background making things happen  for other people. That is about to change drastically here.

So in that vein, this is all about to get more.

More honest, more open, more authentic and a ton more  real and at times more than a little raw.

I have been more than a little complacent here in this space and not sharing enough. Enough of me, my travels through the growth. The falling. The depths and the heights along the way.

So, here’s to change, growth and being more, doing more and having more.

Here’s a Tedx Talk given by Joel Comm. Pretty much sums up a lot of what I have been feeling of late.

Talk soon.



Turn The Page

This is going to be short and sweet.light-at-the-end-of-path

Well, maybe not so sweet, but likely short for now.

I came back into here to write again today.

To say something here.

No, that’s wrong. I came here to actually turn a page, hit publish and write some more.

Because I have found that my attempts to be perfect have been flawed. As I am.

And that’s a tough one to admit.

The fact is I have so many unpublished posts here it’s ridiculous. So it’s time to start writing, actually hitting publish and writing some more.

For me it’s an exercise to be more authentic.. to put it out there what is happening as I learn and discover more. To show the different phases of what has been happening in the background that at times I have quite frankly been a bit embarrassed to admit. The simple fact of admitting to the whole imperfection thing is the first part.

The next is this post.

From here on in let’s do some things together.

You can simply observe, or you can participate. Up to you really. Either way I am going to be here putting it in digital and making one step at a time forward and maybe a couple back.

Starting next Monday I’ll be posting a “Monday Morning Neville Moment” as I start the week off with a lecture and what I get/got from it in my own humble way.

I’m also feeling of late that it’s time to start speaking out about a few other things that are happening around us. You and me. Things you may or may not want to hear about or know but rest assured they are making a difference in our  lives whether you choose to face them or not.

That’s it for now.