Lessons In Vision

It’s Friday. 48 hours ago I was laying on a table. People in brightly colored walkin in the light

surgery garb were scrambling and joking around me.

We joked, laughed and talked about medical marijuana.

I was in for my third, and in my mind last, cornea transplant.

One minute we were all laughing the next thing I was waking up in recovery. A patch over my left eye and a little bit groggy. Feeling like I’d been run over. Oh and I’ve been run over so I know what that feels like. That’s a story for another day.

It’s been seven years. Two spent coming to grips with the fact I may actually become blind, three going through different surgeries and healing.

You see it takes a full year to get all the stitches out after the transplant.

I’ve learned more about patience. About being extremely grateful for the ability to see. As a former professional photographer being able to see the world around me is important still.

Fact is I’ve gotten a lot out of this whole experience. The increased “spidey-sense” on my left side. It saves me from walking into walls, most of the time anyways. But the ability to work more with energy and work with what I have. To be able to bounce back from some imagined dilemma. One that I allowed to cripple me for a time.

Until I changed the way I was looking at the situation. I saw it as an ending when it was in actual fact a blessing. I moved on to a new career. The next step so to speak in this journey.

All in all, it’s been a great learning experience. It’s amazing to find out how much strength we have in these situations. The body being able to bounce back, the mind being able to reroute and change direction.

Like the saying goes, the mind is a terrible thing to waste, so by putting it to work so many thoughts actually do become things. I imagined myself in poverty and downtrodden and that’s exactly what happened. Tossed like a leaf in the wind.

When I changed my thoughts to ones of strength and vitality then that is what began to appear in my life. Don’t get me wrong here now cause I’m not thinking all day about love light happiness and all things new age. What I am doing is being aware of where my mind goes if I let it run wild.

I make a conscious effort in seeing what happens with a thought thread. Where is this going and stop it before it goes in a direction that is leading me in a downward spiral. Do you know the one I mean? So before that happens, I adjust and refocus on what I actually want to see in my life.

I laugh more at silly little things to lighten up and enjoy life. I look at a piece of pottery in my room and remember a wonderful vacation. I actually know and believe and see in my mind the way my life is changing. And every day something else happens to make it a reality. A phone call, a message, an invitation to share what I have learned along the way to help somebody else.

The phrase “It’s all good” has new meaning now. It’s all the way you choose to see it.

Lighten Up

I’ve been quite bored of late. Not that I’m not busy with living or anything. More busy revamping, reorganizing the way I’ve been looking at the whole living experience.

How I fit in to the whole scheme of things, or maybe more to the point how I want to fit into it. Trying to do it just doesn’t seem to work out too well usually. Yet with all I have read over the last two decades we are all part and parcel of the same thing. Me joined to you you joined to me, to all the flowers an the bees. That kind of thing.

The one thing that does ring pretty loud these days is lighten up. Look at that now. We all hear it all the time. Oh come on, lighten up would ya. Time to lighten up isn’t it.

Have you ever really given it much thought? Afteral, it’s just a couple of words strung together to mean…what?

There’s lighten. It’s an adjective right. To lighten your load, to drop some stuff on the side of the road so you can carry on a bit easier. To feel lighter. To add more light to a room or place so you can see better. Not as full. To laugh a bit and break up the density of the moment when it becomes a little tense.

Then there’s up. Pretty obvious one here. Opposite of down, to raise. Movin on up, to the east side. To increase.

So maybe by getting rid of the crap in the suitcase the ability to be clearer, more full of joy and actually living your life, maybe that’s the way to go.

So lighten up would ya. Get to the real job here. Living your life.

Not so Lazy Monday

I haven’t really put anything together for this post. As usual, my mind is wandering. Not that I’ve been distracted by too many voices or shiny things on the road, more just readjusting life things.

I’ve been hit with the paradox stick again. Too much of being in the head and over analyzing I xpect.

Though usually some interesting bits come from it I’ll take a day to grok it all and cooe back to you with that.

So for today, it’s share a pic day. I love going through Deviant Art. So many amazing and incredible pieces. I could get lost there for more time than I care to admit.

Hope you enjoy.

Back In The Saddle

Wow, it’s been over a month since I’ve blogged. Anywhere. Now back in the saddle again and I feel great. Strange how you miss these little excursions into writing.

After going through moving to three different hosts to find one that will fit my needs, this time I found a home for awhile. At least the next few months. I don’t want to have to go through this again for a bit.

There’s been so much going on getting prepped for surgery next month.  A real statement for  me anyway, about mindset. I won’t write about that right now, suffice it to say I’ll be ready after tomorrow.

That’s it for right now. I’ll get back to some realer  ( is that even a word ) writing tomorrow after my journey to the city. For now it’s just good to be back up and running writing.