The Cornerstone Of Nevillizing?

Today’s Neville radio lecture is on Meditation.

A simple thing really.

Sit or lay there, close your eyes and let your mind wander until you get to the zenful bliss of a Buddhist monk high atop a mountain in a monastery in the clouds..

Oh wait, that’s not it at all is it. . . .


I don’t know about you but if I’m laying down and doing a meditation, it’s pretty much an afternoon nap. I really have to be in a chair, at the very least sitting up or I’m drifting off.

All that meditation amounts to is a controlled imagination and a well sustained attention. Simply hold the attention on a certain idea until it fills the mind and crowds all other ideas out of consciousness. The power of attention shows itself the sure guarantee of an inner force. We must concentrate on the idea to be realized, without permitting any distraction.” – Neville

Meditation as Neville tells us, and really, pretty obvious right, gets better and easier with practice. I can verify that as you can as well I’m sure. Stronger, more vivid, more real.

My biggest challenge is being consistent. Seems when everything is going the way I planned it from some reason I drift off and stop meditating. Bad right? So that’s just one of the bits I am working on now. To maintain the practice. No matter how life is going.

Not only for what it has the potential of doing, but for the simple, well maybe not simple, idea that I feel great afterwards. It allows me to master my mind and imagination to be able to create more. To stop the wandering bug that gets to us all even during the day when we’re doing whatever it is we do.

Better control means better imaging, means even better imagining and even better, faster results. Imaging becomes crystal clear and there is a clarity that comes from meditating. So at the end of the day, without doing proper mediation , controlling our mind , the results are going to suck.

And like anything, and I have found this to be so true, with practice, getting to “that place” Neville talks about here becomes a breeze. Sit, breathe, relax, boom, you’re there. In your place of imagining. Oh wait. . .  there we go. Breath. Proper breathing. Taking in that full breath of glorious air. Breathing in filling the bottom then the top of your lungs. An actual full breath, then releasing it slowly to relax you. Your body and your mind.

Did I forget anything?


Here’s the Neville Meditation Lecture pdf

and the Neville meditation lecture audio



Oh wait, one more thing. Something I use to stop the wandering of my mind when I meditate. A simple two words –  “That’s Interesting.” You know when all sorts of other things pop into your head to try and distract you? Well, when that happens to me to stop that flow, so I can carry on with my focus and imagining, I simply say to myself “That’s Interesting” and it seems pretty much all the time it cuts that thread and allows me to continue with my imagining and reduce the stress and the temptation to use force.


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