Superman, The CIA, Neville and You

Now there’s a combo pack for you. A comic book hero, an American intelligence finding agency, a mystic, and you.

What is it these all have in common?

The topic for today’s Neville lecture/audio combination. Truth.

“Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

Superman fighting for truth, justice and the so called American way, the CIA with this phrase carved in a wall of their image of George Reeves as Supermanheadquarters, Neville doing his best to give us an explanation of it and you, who have heard this phrase likely a thousand times like I have.

And really, I struggle with trying to explain this in any way shape or form. It’s such an existentialist thing. The truth is the truth right?

This is one of those conversations that could go on for a very very long time. Just try discussing it in any group you’re a part of and see what happens.

Now, I usually wake up around 5am, just before the alarm. Turn it off before it rings and lay there for the first 10 minutes of the day doing some imagining and seeing my day ahead.

Not in an “Oh shit” I have so much to do today way. In a way that I want it to be. This is a truth. My imagining/creating my day before it progresses too far.

And usually, it runs pretty true to form.

Years ago I had the opportunity to work with Jesse Dylan, a former Toronto morning radio host that is and was absolutely hilarious. Though beyond that, he has a great visionary mind. And when we were working together all those years ago and I was just starting out and having problems he said to me, ” You know Paul, don’t let the apparancy of the situation overshadow the truth. And the TRUTH is, you can do this.” and added to that the fact that we all deserve great things, most don’t even begin to try or see the possibilities.

And truthfully so. The majority glide through this life without ever tapping into or actually believing they can achieve greatness, prosperity, or anything else they choose to imagine.

Truth. It’s what’s deep inside us. Not that glossy shiny image we portray to the world. Using all the right words, behaving that certain way. Unless of course that is exactly what is inside. If that’s the case, though dark corners and secrets do lie within right, then we are living our own truth.

And I guess in a way that’s what we are all striving for. The ability to do that. And from what Neville tells us here in this lecture it’s based on love.

Let me know what you get out of this, the sixth of our morning lectures with Neville in the comments section below. . .


Here’s the link for the Neville Radio Lecture 6 – TRUTH

And here’s the link for the Audio of the Neville lecture on TRUTH



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