Stone Water or Wine?

Personally, I’ll take the wine every time. But then that’s me.

I spent more than a bit of time contemplating over truth yesterday. What it is to me, how I view certain aspects of my thinking process.

Today, we have the Stone, Water or Wine lecture to peek something in us, you and me.

Personally, after the age of 12 I came to a conclusion the Bible was just a book. Well, not JUST a book, but a book of symbols, Moses with the ten commandment tabletsallegory. Something with a deeper meaning that had to be figured out. Nothing to do with history really, though many did then and have tried since to convince me otherwise. I’ll have to tell you about the month I spent in conversation with weekly visits from a certain group to my farm house, in the middle of nowhere.

Astounding that they even found me there, but they did. It was also the one and only time my dog has ever growled at a human. . .


Here in this lecture Neville, like the alchemists of days gone by tells us the thing we need to do is rise up, from a level of understanding that is as stone, to one of water, or emotional understanding and finally, to get to the pinnacle by being as wine or spirit.

To take in the knowledge and raise it up to a level of inner understanding that can change what we experience, what we see, be and have in this world.

Take a few moments today and read or listen to Nevilles explanation, his take on it in todays lecture/audio combo.

Let me know what your take is on this in the comments section.



Here’s the link for the pdf of Stone, Water or Wine

and here’s the link for the audio of ┬áStone Water or Wine.









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