Neville Talks About Getting Prayer Right

I just have to say that I do not in any way like cold season.

Damn. I coughed so hard this weekend I threw my back out if you can believe it. I’m walking around like the hunchback for the past couple days. Just when I thought I was through it. Seems these new colds go through stages. Well, this stage can’t be over fast enough thank you very much.

Enough about me, let’s get to some Neville.

Today’s lecture from the radio series is entitled “Answered Prayer.”

What was my take away from this one? Hmm. This phrase sticks out: Prayer is the elevation of the mind to that which we seek. The very first word of correction is always “arise.”  which for me says getting to that higher vibration or thought level and to do this it’s necessary to use the senses to feel that I’m in the place or situation I desire already.

The catch I guess if you want to call it one, is this elevation, this rising and becoming the situation in my mind has to be done with no effort. It can’t be a forced thing it need to be natural. Could pleasing be the word here? Maybe. When we’re doing these sessions it needs to be pleasing to be able to hold on to the feeling and have that crowd out everything else but the “prayer” so that I am actually in the place/situation/prayer so to speak.

Being consistent, persistent, and loving combined with being in that moment. An all consuming filling of the mind with what would actually be a part of the new situation. Voices of a crowd, the smells of the street, the feel of the keys in my hand,the feel of the doorknob, create a scene of the prayer fulfilled. The congratulatory cheers of friends and what they are saying. All of these feelings, things, becoming a part of our prayer, serve to raise us up and help in the creation of it in this world of vision.

By feeling it is real, believing it is real with every cell of our body, the scene hardens into our reality. With the caveat that it all cannot be forced. As with all of this, it has to be a natural and without strain and effort. Which I guess makes sense right. Adding in here the loving feeling about the whole situation right?

I find my dog comes over for a pat whenever I get to doing a session, which in turn calms me and gets me into that space I need to be quicker. And this works to reduce any strain I would put into what I am about to do.

Ok, I have to go find a heating pad.


Here’s the pdf link for Answered Prayer , as always, right click and download it to wherever it is you keep Neville.


Same with the audio file for Answered Prayer here.


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