Is Feeling It The Lost Key?

You know I’m kind of yes and no on this one.

Only for the simple reason I have had things happen that had pretty much no feeling attached to them at all.

The imagining part was there. The, oh I need this bit in my head, But no feeling was put on it.

Of course there’s the other bits and times, the not so good ones, you know, like, damn these bills keep coming in and more and more all the time do just that. Keep coming in .

And of course the end result being more bills and less ability to get rid of them for lack of focus on THAT part. . .

For instance, there’s the time I needed the new vacum. There was no emotion or feeling in the fact that my vacum didn’t suck and I needed a new one and it showed up on the side of the road.

There was no intention. No feeling towards replacing the vacum. Just a thought that it would be a help to have a new one.

The same thing with the sawhorses. Just the thought, intention, they were needed. A short walk around the neighborhood a half hour later, and there they were.

And these kinds of things happen on a regular basis, so how do we explain that?

Frankly I can’t. It’s a part of the paradox of it all.

Whatever the case, it happens. The so called “bigger things” the financial stability, the steady flow of clients and work, well, that seems to come at a different rate.

What about you? How does it work for you?

And on that note, happy Monday.

Here’s the link to todays Neville radio lecture Feeling Is The Secret

and the audio link for Feeling Is the Secret here.


Talk soon




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