Changing Up and Going With Spirit

Time for some more changes and creativity. For sure going with some spirit now.

You’ll be seeing a whole bunch of new things going on around here in the next few weeks. I’m devoting my senses now. My intuition and my spirit. Seems there’s folks that want to hear what I have to say so if that’s the case I’ll bring some of it here for you.

A new course is in the works, a forum and a new book. ALong with that I want to give you some of the things that have turned my life around for the better in the last fe years.

My back story? Well, I’ll put that up in another post. Suffice it to say I’ve been around and seen more than my fair share of the side of life I  longer choose to participate in.

The one thing I am certain of is that some of you will be more than able to relate to at least some of it.

So, along with giving you all of the Neville Goddard lectures in audio form here’s another thing that you can use to get yourself ahead. This one alone is worth over $100,000. How do I know this? Because someone took the idea, made a product around the idea and made over that amount on the launch of the product. ( and no it wasn’t me 🙂 )

That said here we go. What do you have on your screensaver?  Rotating pipes? pics of random items floating in space? Well why not put that space into good use.

Add a new folder to your my pictures section. Call it screensaver. GO around online and in your own pictures and find some pictures of the way you want your life to look. The car, the house, the family, pics of helping others, the things you’ll build and do after you have “made it.”

Now take all those pictures and add some phrase to them. Something that YOU find inspirational and moving. You can do that in photoshop or any other program that you can use to add text with.

The go to your desktop, right clck and choose properties. Go to screensaver and click the dropdown menu. Click “my picture show” and then click apply.

Done. So now when your screensaver comes on while you’re staring off into space it will be your customized little movie of what your life is. Imagine it being now, in the present as opposed to coming to you.

Feel it, emotionalize it, internalize it, live it.

Then get back to moving one foot in front of the other and you’re one step closer.

I took this idea and did one for a singer friend of mine. I turned it into a video that you can check out on youtube. It’s from his first CD, “The Diary of An Uneducated Man” and his name is Carl Stedmond. 2012 is the title of the song. Enjoy, I’ll have some more Neville audios for you this week to download.

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