The Queen, Leslie Fieger and The Delfin System.

wizFirstly, my apologies for writing about this so late. My friend Cara Yowell sent me an email the other day to tell me some great news. Now any one that knows me, knows how much I love all the old out of date writings from the past.

Whether it’s from the Essenes ancient scripts or certain lost materials from the New Thought Movement of the early20th century. Writers like Charles Haanel, Neville, or Judge Thomas Troward. All of them incredible teachers in their own right. Passing down from times gone by information that in a lot of cases has been warped through too many translations.

So when I got the news from Cara and Bob Yeager that Leslie Fieger is going to rerelease the Delfin System this week I had to check it out. Now, I haven’t used this system to be totally honest. What I will say is that after hearing about it and then doing some investigating into Leslie and Delfin World I was a little blown away. You know that gut feeling thing that happens sometimes while you’re doing research and something starts to resonate. That’s what happened with me, all during the day I took to find out about the Delfin System and Leslie.

Now, all this being said, there are some free videos and audios available for you over at Bob Yeager does interviews with both Leslie and the Queen. That would be the Queen of Metaphysics by the way, Cara Yowell. And there’s also an introduction to the Delfin System itself.

It’s been a number of years since this material has even been available to the public so I’m pretty curious to find out more. There have been some updates to the system and also a limited edition is also going to be made available of the trilogy itself in a hard cover version.

Go over to and find out more and see for yourself. Let me know what you think about it. Saturday is the release day, Sept 5 at 12pm EST.


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