Mind Movies Plus New Thought, The Winning Combination

Seems I’m spending a lot of time with the Neville audios these days. Well, that and actually reincorporating the essence of them back into every day activity.

The great thing is that by reading them out loud as I do the audio recording it helps to add to the vibration of it all. Or at least that’s what I’ve noticed. The fact that change seems to happen at a faster rate when combining the reading, the hearing and imagining.

I know the other day I told you about how to create your own simple screensaver movie to help you with the imagining part. Well, I’ve found something else that will speed that part up even more.

Some folks over in Oz have made this amazing product they call mind movies. And it’s pretty impressive. They’ve done a magnificent job at putting together something that actually seems  to speed up the whole imagining, creation process.

With it you can create a short two or three minute movie and it helps to add to whole process of imagining. Add in your own phrases, pictures, whatever you like to help you create a picture in your head and infornt of you of the life you want to create, then push play.

Hey I’m not saying  that like poof, it will appear right in front of you las if from a magic genie lamp or anything. Seriously, who writes that stuff?

What it will do is help your mind better visualize what your words and desires are painting for you. Simply, easily and as many as you want. Make a mind movie for anything you want really.

Okay, all that being said go and get a better explanation over at mindmovies.com and let Ryan show you how amazingly simple this whole mind movie thing really is.

Oh, by the way they are also giving away 6 freebie samples of mind movies that you can use yourself to see how they work.

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