Time, Your Most Valuable Commodity

And Your Most Precious Resource. . .

The most precious “thing” we have that we can offer is often times the most wasted.Vintage Pocket Watch

We sit and do nothing in front of a screen and think we are being entertained.

We spend time with people or family members we neither enjoy or have anything in common with. Sometimes with the excuse that blood is thicker than water.


Why would you put yourself through that kind of pain?

I stopped years ago.

As much as I’m guilty of sitting in front of the box I am doing more time away from it. Walking creating, sharing.

As desperation builds, frustration about a situation or circumstance gets compounded by the minute.

We trade out time for pennies on the dollar and eek out a meager existence on the way to what some call the golden years.

All to fill the pockets of some faceless corporation or bureaucracy with taxes. Here in Canada the so called “tax freedom” day is apparently somewhere around June 10th. Unless you make over 100K then it slides to June 20th and you have worked for the government for 170 days out of the year.

And I’m pretty sure you’ll agree, you don’t get a hell of a lot in return

That’s almost 6 months of the year that we are paying others by trading out time for dollars so they can fritter it away.

Not my idea of living to say the least.

We put “things” away for those special times, for those special occasions.

Hell, every frickin day you’re alive and breathing is a special day.

Use it now. Don’t let is sit in a cupboard, closet or drawer because one thing is for sure, we never know when the end is going to happen and secondly, none of those “special” things goes with you.

Now that I am over the half century mark I am even more acutely aware of this fact.

Friends leaving unexpectedly, hearts failing and disease taking them to the other side of the veil.

If in fact you have to trade your time for money as a lot of us do, at least do something that allows you to be able to fully experience this life.

I am in the process now of changing everything.

How I view this world, examining my place in it.

What I stand for, what I love and don’t, what changes I want to see in me and my experiencing of this life.

I don’t know about you but I enjoy creating.

New experiences, a good meal, a stunning photograph or stained glass piece. Hey maybe even a novel or two along the way.

We all have something in us, a spark laying dormant that with the right breathe of fresh air can start a blazing fire.

Look for it, find it and fan it. I am. And believe me I have been far too complacent for the last decade. To say complacent and static would be an understatement.

Like a leaf falling from a tree I have left myself to the mercy of the four winds.

No longer.

It’s time, shit, past time to be proactive. To BE dynamic about what it is that I choose to experience.

I reject poverty and subsistence living and choose to create some more, to BE more so I can have more to be an active participant in the creation from this point forward.

A book is in the works, recordings are being made and I’m looking at new camera equipment.

Neville’s methods will always be a part of what I am, do, create. There are others as well that have and continue to enhance that ability to create this new life that is springing forth.

I’ll keep things here written down for me to come back to , to share what is working and from this point on this is a Neville Free zone. Which means I won’t be charging for any derivatives from the Neville material other than the recordings. At least for the CD’s that I have to ship.

Personal coaching, that’s a different story but ¬†we can talk about that later as I only have a certain amount of time I can spend doing that one.

So, just to let you know, I am working on something right now to turn everything around 180 degrees. I will not share with you at this time what it is. After completion I will lay out everything and publish the notes.

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