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Clearing Limiting Beliefs

I’ve been getting ready to move the last couple of weeks. Some things have come up during the course of this that have caused me to ponder at times.

A lot of what has been surfacing is about limiting beliefs. The ones I have carried with me for years actually. Some I have managed to heal and release. With the help of my friend Amanda.

I don’t know about you, but I hear about the same things from a lot of friends during our talks. How they say they are going through something and what usually follows is some dreadful explanation of what they have chosen to be experiencing at the time.

The thing is weeks or days later they are still “going through” the same event. I had to ask myself, do we really go through these events or do we just keep ourselves in that state. I believe most of us keep in that state till it actually, and sadly, becomes comfortable. All the limiting beliefs that we build for ourselves throughout our lives. They are usually the reason that we hold ourselves back from truly being able to experience true living.

They become almost like an old friend, and we wonder why we can’t move forward in life. That is until you meet someone that can help you heal these old beliefs and finally release them.

We have all experienced them to some extent. Some of us more than others. The feelings that limit us. Cause that wrenching gut tearing sensation and ignite the fight or fight mechanism in us.

Amanda Goldston has developed a method to help you reveal these beliefs and get them to a point where you can heal the, release them and move forward to be able to once again experience fully, the joy of actually living your life.

I was reminded of a story this morning during a phone cnversation with a freiend of mine. One that I’d heard years ago that always seems to pop up during these times of healing and releasing. It wasn’t until today that I actually connected the two events.

Seems there was a minister who was preparing for his Sunday sermon. Sitting at his desk in his study he was drawing a blank. He had no idea what he was going to talk about.

It was then that his young son came into the room, bouncing a ball. This of course began to distract the minister. Now he had this to deal with as well as his frutration at not being able to write his sermon.

He reached over to a magazine in the rack beside him and opened it to an ad. The ad was a picture of a man in the midst of a golf game. He tore out the picture and then proceeded to tear it into puzzle sized pieces.

He explaind to his son that he was in the middle of writing a sermon for Sunday and asked him to take the puzzle and put it back together and discover what the picture was.

The eager child grabbed at the chance and took the torn picture to the other room to find out what the picture was. The minister breathed a sigh of relief and went back to his sermon writing, knowing the boy would be gone for a long time and he could complete his sermon.

Not ten minutes had gone by and the child came racing back into the room. His puzzle done and a great big smile of accomplishment on his face.

The minister was stunned. He looked at his son and congratulated him on a job well done. Then he looked at him and said, “How was it that you finished so quickly?”

“Well father”, the boy replied,” I found a picture of the world on the other side so all I had to do was make the world right and then I knew the man would be right.”

The minister picked his son up in his arms, gave him a hug and a kiss, and said thank you. He now had his sermon for Sunday.

So as I move through the process of clearing out the old, packing and preparing to load my moving truck. I know now that some, not all, of my limiting beliefs have been healed and released. Most of all, I can move forward again knowing that I’ve healed and released some of the old beliefs that I’ve carried around for too long. And it feels great.

From the Strangest Places

Hello and thanks for reading, visiting here.

I have a quick story for today. Something that showed me spirit is everywhere. A reconfirmation if you will.

I had to take a trip to the city a couple of weeks ago to see if more surgery was needed to repair my vision. So it meant a 90 minute trainride to the city.

Now as train rides go it’s usually okay.  I get a chance to relax and get caught up on my reading. Watch the world whizz by and ease into a day.

This was an early morning trip. Nothing our of the ordinary really. A visit to the specialist to check my cornea graft and let him give me a thumbs up or down on how it was healing.

Nothing ourt of the ordinary happened along the way. I had my morning jave and a book to keep me company.

That is till we were pulling into the station and the engineer came on over the P.A. system.

Here’s what he said… Thanks for entrusting us with your transport today. It’s time for everyone to clean up and take their garbage to the bins that you’ll find just outside the doors when we stop.

Ready, 3…2..1  and clean. Thanks everyone for doing your part. And remember as you go through your day and meet the people that you meet that everyone is going through something so be sure to be kind. Thanks and have an amazing day.

I stood there at the doorway out to the station and just smiled. I can’t tell you what a feeling I had listening to that.

Looking around at the train load of travellers wrapped up in the rush of getting to their jobs and the prepping for the daily race I could see it had an impact on them as well.

The rest of the day was clear sailing from that point, and yes it was a great one. Isn’t amazing how something so small can have such an impact on our lives?

If you have any similar stories you;d like to share I’d be honoured to hear them.