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Martin Luther King Day, Lunch With Mom

dr-martin-luther-king-jrThere comes a point I feel in everyone’s life when the words, I remember when, become more common than not as a phrase most used.

Today, Martin Luther King Jr. day, I seem to be using them a lot.

I was young, 7 years old at the time. The day Martin Luther King and thousands of others walked /marched on Washington DC.
The day of a memorable speech. What has come to be known as the “I Have A Dream” speech. To this day those words still ring in my ears. Though until recently all but forgotten.
I was at home for lunch with my Mom. Something that in those days was a daily activity. It would also become the basis of a lot of memory points for me.

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Moved by Spirit, and then some

Just a little something I had to share with you all from Colbie Caillat. I know it moved me to say, damn, that’s just plain nice. Well actually there’s nothing plain about it. Quite a performance really. Enough of my babbling, check it out….

Checking In, Not Out

I wasn’t sure what to title this post. Likely I should think and repost afterwards.

Here’s the story.

Two days ago, a man I have come to call friend and mentor had a bit of a slip. It could’ve been fatal. It wasn’t. Thankfully. His names Pat O’Bryan an he’s a pretty special character.

While on vacation at his country place in Texas, he kinda slipped up.

Out in the desert away from everyone he decided to try out his new pistol. Looking for snakes to hunt and not finding any he decided to use an old board as a target.

The first shot was good and after it he let the pistol come down. The only problem with that was he forgot to take his finger off the trigger and ended up clicking off another round. The bad part about this is it went through him.

Through his thigh. Two holes. One in, one out. Along with that I’m pretty sure there was some blood loss happening. He didn’t elaborate on that much. Just going on personal experience there. He made it to his truck and fortunately a first aid kit. Then to the hospital.

What is strange about the whole thing is he twittered what was happening. Not long after he had done this he sent a twitter and it popped up on my computer screen.

My first thought being, damn something bad had happened and the next auto response to that was to start to worry. Then, all this happening in the blink of an eye in my mind, no , send good vibes not worry. Chances are fairly good that he needs that more.

Well, he’s okay. He’s home. Resting and going over a lot of things right now. The lesson to be taken away from the situation, how he’s got horseshoes up his butt, and why he’s still here.

When something like this happens it is on a level life altering. I speak from my own near death experience. Though it was from moving on a self destructive path, the results could have been the same. Death.

Afterwards there are always a lot of questions. The why me? what do I do now? What really really is important to me? who have I not told I love? So many, many more things go through your mind.

In the blink of an eye, everyone you care about comes to you. In the blink of an eye you see everything and question it all. In the blink of an eye it can all be over. No time for regrets or shoulda coulda moments.

I guess what I’m saying here is the lesson I learned from my experience, well one anyways, was that what matters most is being aware and experiencing and appreciating every little thing that comes in and goes through your life.

Take nothing for granted. Because in the blink of an eye, everything can change. I’ll expand on this further in another post. But for now. I had to get this out of my head and down where I can see it , where I can share it.

Spirit Moves

Well the moving is over. Along with the move, came a few revelations. Not only how we hold on to what no longer works for us but actually how compfortable we/I become with it.

All the wotk at clearing out the old beliefs, the healoling that followed and the implanting of new ones. Coming out the other end is pretty refreshing. More spring in your step, a cheerier attitude and just the oveall feeling of well being returned after that old clogged energy was released.

During the whole packing, throwing out, moving process I came accross more than a few revelations. For me at least. I’m not sure if you experience the same thing, but from my experience, most of us stay in the same place for years.

If you move a lot, chances are good that you come across the same things.

I had packed a lot of boxes one day and moved them to the garage for easier lading etc. While looking at the pile that was starting to build there I thought to myself, wow, there’s my life in all those boxes.

In the back of my mind there rose a laugh, which grew to me laughing outloud in the garage and  what I was hearing was, You’re serious right? You actually think those boxes of things are your life. How funny is that!

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hear voices in that way. But I do hear that little voice that comes to all of us at times.

It actually removed the feelings of melancholy that were starting to form with the fact I was moving. It really lightened up the experience. And made me realize, it’s all just stuff, it can be replaced and my spirit was still strong.

The universe came into play and everything was falling into place in less than 24 hours. The move was coming off without a hitch. The 5 days I spent waiting to get the phone and hardline put in for my internet was a bit of a challenge, but it also allowed me the time to assimilate the new beliefs and prepare for the next step.

All in all, moving was a great experience.