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The Promise Never Fails

This is one of Neville’s longer lectures.

Imagine what it would have been like back then to sit and listen to one of these.

I know I do, this one in particular.

As a writer I can relate with him here about the feelings of not good enough, not educated enough. Not enough. . .

It’s of course surprising to hear that from Neville when you’ve read his lectures.

Almost impossible to imagine isn’t it.

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Checking On Your Power Of Awareness

Today Neville shares with us a bit about awareness.

I’m a big promoter of this one little bit that, from what I see both in my life and the lives of others is sadly neglected.

We wander about for the most part. Missing out on those things and people and events that are put in front of us to move us to another level, simply, because we don’t see them as parts of what we feel is the way we are going to get the thing we are focusing on.

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Taking A Look In The Mirror

is what today’s Neville lecture is all about.

For those who are looking for something of a “where do I start” point, this is likely the lecture.

Several points to make note of here, like what Neville says on desire, the fact of starting with nothing and what I would say is facing the biggest fear, and I think that one we all go through at some point. Especially at the start of any venture we partake in that is life changing or transformational.

Anyways, go listen and read this lecture, it’s a good for sure.


Here’s the link for the Neville lecture Changing The Feeling Of I

and here’s the link for the Neville audio lecture Changing The Feeling Of I



Talk soon.


Is Feeling It The Lost Key?

You know I’m kind of yes and no on this one.

Only for the simple reason I have had things happen that had pretty much no feeling attached to them at all.

The imagining part was there. The, oh I need this bit in my head, But no feeling was put on it.

Of course there’s the other bits and times, the not so good ones, you know, like, damn these bills keep coming in and more and more all the time do just that. Keep coming in .

And of course the end result being more bills and less ability to get rid of them for lack of focus on THAT part. . .

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