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Time To Reflect For A Minute

I know I was talking about what I had done to bring about a change of mind for me over the last little while. I’ll get back to that part in a bit.

But for now, I’d like to relay a story. Well, not so much a story but something that happened the other day to make me pause, shed a couple of tears and come to grips with the the fact none of us gets out of this life alive.

People die. Relationships end. We move on. It’s all part of the whole circle of life thing. I could go into the runic 5 stages of life: Death: Decay; Fertilization; Gestation and Rebirth.But maybe that’s best left for another day.

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Dan Carter Inspires From The Heart

I had the great opportunity yesterday to sit in on a lecture from Dan Carter. The small business group I belong to manged to get him in to speak with our group . To the right is a quick snap I got shot after the presentation.DanCarter_Paul

What started off as Dan coming to share his story with us in a short 45 minutes, stretched to a 3 hour session with a breakout for some of us to find out how to use the media to get ourselves and our businesses free advertising.

What an inspiring individual to say the least. If you don’t know Dan or his story you can find out more about him at

An inspring story teller and keynote speaker, television host and producer, Dan’s own story is one of triumph over adversity. Conquering fears and altering fate Dan went from a life of addiction, being unable to read or write in his 30’s, to becoming a well known figure in the Durham region as well as around the world.

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Changing Up and Going With Spirit

Time for some more changes and creativity. For sure going with some spirit now.

You’ll be seeing a whole bunch of new things going on around here in the next few weeks. I’m devoting my senses now. My intuition and my spirit. Seems there’s folks that want to hear what I have to say so if that’s the case I’ll bring some of it here for you.

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Talk About Spirit

I know I really do have to come round here more often.

It’s just spirit really hasn’t moved me much of late. At least not in a go to my blog and write kind of way.

So, that being said and out of the way, more for me than you frankly, here’s a video that sent shivers up my spine today. I’d never heard of this lady before I came across her on youtube.

Eva Cassidy. She has an absolutely incredible voice and presence. It took me by surprise.

Turn up the volume and listen to her rendition of  Louis Armstrongs’  “What A Wonderful World.”