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Time, Your Most Valuable Commodity

And Your Most Precious Resource. . .

The most precious “thing” we have that we can offer is often times the most wasted.Vintage Pocket Watch

We sit and do nothing in front of a screen and think we are being entertained.

We spend time with people or family members we neither enjoy or have anything in common with. Sometimes with the excuse that blood is thicker than water.


Why would you put yourself through that kind of pain?

I stopped years ago.

As much as I’m guilty of sitting in front of the box I am doing more time away from it. Walking creating, sharing.

As desperation builds, frustration about a situation or circumstance gets compounded by the minute.

We trade out time for pennies on the dollar and eek out a meager existence on the way to what some call the golden years.

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Here We Morph Again

Here I morph again folks.Behind The Curtain

And I believe it’s a good thing.

After all, that’s the one thing constant in our lives right? Change.

I have spent a lot of years behind the proverbial curtain. Whether it’s been my involvement in politics, photography, online marketing, coaching.

A lot of that time has been in the background making things happen  for other people. That is about to change drastically here.

So in that vein, this is all about to get more.

More honest, more open, more authentic and a ton more  real and at times more than a little raw.

I have been more than a little complacent here in this space and not sharing enough. Enough of me, my travels through the growth. The falling. The depths and the heights along the way.

So, here’s to change, growth and being more, doing more and having more.

Here’s a Tedx Talk given by Joel Comm. Pretty much sums up a lot of what I have been feeling of late.

Talk soon.



2011 And So It Ends

Winter Riding through the forest

It’s hours away from the end of another year. The end of the first year of a new decade.

I’ve spent the last few days going over the year and everything it contained. I’ve come up with things I would like to change. In all aspects of my life actually.

I’ve neglected a lot and am vowing not to from this point on.

I’ll be moving forward a lot here. With new thoughts, I have a lot of them, and sharing more experiences here. Not only with Neville, I love the way his mind worked, but how having that as a part of my growth has taken me to a different place of understanding.

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