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Helping Haiti We Are The World 25


After 25 years this song still sends chills up and down my spine and makes my palms sweat. The true meaning of togetherness? All these folks of incredible talent coming together. Some again, some for the first time to do their part to help by raising their voices and opening their hearts for their fellow man.


The Queen, Leslie Fieger and The Delfin System.

wizFirstly, my apologies for writing about this so late. My friend Cara Yowell sent me an email the other day to tell me some great news. Now any one that knows me, knows how much I love all the old out of date writings from the past.

Whether it’s from the Essenes ancient scripts or certain lost materials from the New Thought Movement of the early20th century. Writers like Charles Haanel, Neville, or Judge Thomas Troward. All of them incredible teachers in their own right. Passing down from times gone by information that in a lot of cases has been warped through too many translations.

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Mind Movies Plus New Thought, The Winning Combination

Seems I’m spending a lot of time with the Neville audios these days. Well, that and actually reincorporating the essence of them back into every day activity.

The great thing is that by reading them out loud as I do the audio recording it helps to add to the vibration of it all. Or at least that’s what I’ve noticed. The fact that change seems to happen at a faster rate when combining the reading, the hearing and imagining.

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