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Helping Haiti We Are The World 25


After 25 years this song still sends chills up and down my spine and makes my palms sweat. The true meaning of togetherness? All these folks of incredible talent coming together. Some again, some for the first time to do their part to help by raising their voices and opening their hearts for their fellow man.


Time To Reflect For A Minute

I know I was talking about what I had done to bring about a change of mind for me over the last little while. I’ll get back to that part in a bit.

But for now, I’d like to relay a story. Well, not so much a story but something that happened the other day to make me pause, shed a couple of tears and come to grips with the the fact none of us gets out of this life alive.

People die. Relationships end. We move on. It’s all part of the whole circle of life thing. I could go into the runic 5 stages of life: Death: Decay; Fertilization; Gestation and Rebirth.But maybe that’s best left for another day.

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An Experiment In Change

early80sIt started over a month ago now. Actually I can’t remember the exact day it started and frankly that’s not the important part from my way of thinking.
At the time I was stuck. Not overly happy with the results I was getting and to say I was returning back to a cynical jaded way of viewing the world around would be putting it mildly.
Short tempered, judgmental and a whole group of adjectives that describe that frame of mind you get in when you’re frustrated and not happy with your situation. You know the place I mean right?
So, what happened? What was it that made me take the next step? Well it was a couple of things actually. One of which was being introduced to the works of Leslie Feiger and his beach bum videos. ( Thanks and a hat tip to Cara Yowell) Check them out. Simple and inspirational . For me at least. The article is 10 Critical Success Clues and it’s a bit of an eye opener.
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