Binaural Beats Provide Mainstream Solutions

Have you ever felt mesmerized by the pulse of a light or the rhythm of a beat? Binaural beats are used with both visual and audio mechanisms where people are employing this as a method of achieving certain desired results.

They may use binaural beats to help put them to sleep if insomnia is an issue in their lives. Or it could provide a solution for those who want to enhance their learning capabilities.

Some of the binaural products on the market combine the use of light and sound, while others boast the use of a single element to get the same reaction. Consumers are snapping up products that provide binaural beats – including CDs and electronic technology.

Your brain falls in sync with the electronic beat and various frequencies used and then, depending on how you’re using it, you could potentially get sleepy, discover that you’re able to tap into your creativity, or retain information longer and easier.

If you invest in a product that uses binaural beats, it won’t just be a flashing light and drum-like beat. They’ve masked the sensation with sounds that soothe you, such as rain or bells. These sounds mask the undercurrent of the binaural beat so that you aren’t distracted by it.

Some companies even sell products that let you make your own binaural beats. These gadgets run from a few dollars to thousands – depending on how high-tech you want to go.

When you’re using binaural beats, it isn’t like you go into a hypnotic state of mind where you’re not in control of yourself. Instead, you’re relaxed and alert at the same time. You may feel a bit heady but not to the point of intoxication. Binaural beats are safe for repeated use – you’re not going to get addicted to it or become dependent on it for sleep or other issues.


Along these lines, my friend Pat O’Bryan and Dr. Joe Vitale have put together a pretty awesome binaural beat CD. It’s called The Clearing Audio .

I’ve experienced some very impressive, yet subtle results after a few days of using it. I feel lighter and have found the tune playing in my head even when I don’t have the headphones on. My productivity is up and, well there is just an all around feeling of well being after listening to it.

Go see what people are saying about The Clearing Audio 

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