The Promise Never Fails

This is one of Neville’s longer lectures.

Imagine what it would have been like back then to sit and listen to one of these.

I know I do, this one in particular.

As a writer I can relate with him here about the feelings of not good enough, not educated enough. Not enough. . .

It’s of course surprising to hear that from Neville when you’ve read his lectures.

Almost impossible to imagine isn’t it.

How is this one going to help you get what you’re looking for? What is my take away from this one?

It’s the simple fact that a promise is always fulfilled. As long as we keep the feeling of the imagined ¬†situation in our hearts, in our imagination, we know that when the time comes it will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Once you have the clarity of what it is exactly you¬†are trying to change, then proceeding from the end, the completed result you’re looking for has no choice but to manifest.

I don’t know about you, for me, forming the scene, in my mind, in my imagination was the first challenge. And let’s go on that premise.

As Neville says here, try and prove me wrong. And I’ve done that to. I’ve tried to prove it wrong, but if I look back over the course of my decades on this little blue marble I see I was using Neville and imagining before I knew about it. WHat about you?

Pretty sure it’s the same if you look at it.


Here’s the link for the Neville lecture The Promise Fulfilled

and here’s the link for Neville’s audio lecture on The Promise Fulfilled.






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