The Only Neville Lecture You Need?

Well, maybe not the only one , though really, everything that Neville teaches us is pretty much contained in his short radio lecture from July 1951.

More on this in a minute, first let’s set the scene here.

What I have done is taken all the lectures of Nevilles I could find, some 300 to date, and gone through them and placed them in as much of a chronological order as possible.

The reason for this is twofold, for me anyways.

I wanted to see the progression of thought Neville went through as he progressed. I guess to see if it rubbed off on me the same way. Just my little thought process.. .

Now some of these lectures don’t have a date so they have been put together and I’ll let you know when they start to pop up. All in all I am going to go through the lectures in precisely that, chronological order. With each post I will add a link to the pdf of the lecture or radio show or whatever it came from in the post. I may do the corresponding audio as well. Though my voice first thing in the morning needs a bit of a stretch. I’ll see tomorrow.

Ok, let’s get back to the first radio lecture from 1951, Be What You Wish, Be What You Believe.

Dr. RobertMillikan

Dr. Robert Millikan 1868-1953

Neville talks here of how the famous scientist, Dr. Robert Millikan, a great physicist, created his world through the total immersion and imagining of a single thought. That was simply, more or less apparently,  “I have a lavish, steady, dependable income, consistent with integrity and mutual benefit.”

And imagining this thought until it crowded out any other conflicting thought in his mind. Even though at the start, he was poor and unknown. He still had this in his mind. Dr. Millikan by the way, though you can google him, became one of the preeminent physicists in the world and won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1923.

So, he knew what he wanted, he imagined it in the here and now, not some distant future, and boiled down everything into a single phrase, the essence of the thought if you will. He then focused singly on that thought. Now there is no mention here of the state like sleep in later lectures but this pretty much sums up the process.

Imagine you have the desired outcome here and now. There is no future when it comes to this. For the simple reason it seems, that if you “want” a something, you will always want it. No matter how long you wait for it to arrive, you will be sadly disappointed.

Doesn’t matter what the “it” is, there needs to be a today, now, in your possession feeling and attitude. A complete total faith that this is what you have. And as Dr. Millikan did, I have found that not just imagining the “thing” but a total full outcome covers far more than simply the new car, house, job, partner or whatever you want to place here. I’m looking for the whole enchilada as Dr. Dyer used to say. Let’s have the complete deal and I’ll sort out all the little particulars.

Phrases that put the situation in the present tense, financial stability, completely healthy, this type of thing. Always using the name of the creator, I AM before whatever feeling, or thought you wish to have expressed in the here and now. I know Millikan’s phrase was “I have”, I found invoking the name of God works quicker.

Neville also speaks here to the taming of the mind. Which is what we’re doing right? Taming our mind so it doesn’t run rampant all day with thoughts that lead us down rabbit holes of despair and whatever crappy emotion you want to list. Neville really was/is the consummate mind control expert. Not in that weird make people do things way, in a way that enhances our lives which in turn, enhances the world we see and live in and experience.

Neville speaks to the higher state here also. With Dr. Millikan talking of mutual benefit he raises his state, which is also a part of the process. When talking about the definition of the meek man he also tells us,  “Men who make themselves as worms in their own sight have lost the vision of that life-”  we are all greatness, we contain, within the essence of self, a greatness that only needs to be used.

And yes, I know, the bills have to be paid, there is work to be done etc. etc. etc. fact is focusing on simply these lower things deprives of the higher things. Yes these other things are true, do yourself a favour though and don’t give them emotion. Save your emotion for that imaginal act of being in possession of all that you have imagined.

Ok, let’s close this up. Can I boil this down into a couple of phrases, let’s give it a try. . .

Think about what it is, all of it that you desire. Like the alchemist, boil it down to a singular phrase, the essence of the state, that can be easily remembered and imagined and word it with I AM at it’s start. Use this phrase as a focus point throughout your day. Don’t let your mind wander onto infertile ground for any length of time. Fully believe in the fact that this phrase, the results, are 100% here and now.

Does that sum it up? I think so more or less. If you have a better one let me know in the comments below.

Here’s the link for : Be What You Wish Be What You Believe

Talk again tomorrow. .




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