Spirit, Neville Goddard Audios and New Directions

There’s been a lot happening for me the last few months. A change of direction to be sure. A lot more time spent here will be the start. Secondly one of my favorite people, Neville Goddard is going to start playing a larger role here.

I have, thanks to Mr. 20/20 ( an awesome guy you should check out)   and some amount of research acquired what I believe to be the complete spoken works of Neville Goddard. The ones he gave in public during his career.

Now if you haven’t heard of Neville you might want to check him out. I’ll find the link and put it in here when I do. If that’s not possible I’ll house them here myself for a time.

Now, for me the fun part. I’m recording in my own amazing voice the lectures themselves for all who would like them to take with them on the road or whereever.

I’m not exactly sure of how this will all work out but am sure that spirit will, as it usually does, guide me to the next step.

So, that being said I’ll have the first few up by the end of the weekend, the tab at the top will take you right to the download page and you know the drill from there. I’ll be putting them all in MP3 format so you cna play them in any player on your computer aor any MP3 type portable player.

Enjoy. Let me know what you think.

Cheers. 😉

June 1 update:  Okay the first 3 Neville recordings are up folks, get your Neville Goddard Audios here.

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  • Thank you for making and sharing these audio’s…I have read all 221 lectures of Neville’s and am starting on my second round of reading them all over again. During my first reading, I was having quite a bit of trouble with my tower and I knew it was on its way out, but I said to myself and this was during a thunderstorm…God, and I was talking to myself, because I know that God is within me and that I AM HE, anyway I stated that I needed to finish printing out Neville’s lectures, and within an instant of saying this…my tower started humming like it was brand new…and my computer stays on 24/7 during lightening storms or whatever it stays on and hums like a new one…I KNOW this works and I know a lot more is coming to me and in his time, it will, everything comes on time…a person sometimes just has to wait…Again…THANK YOU….Mark

  • Thanks Mark.
    It’s been a pleasure doing the recordings thus far. And given me a chance to look at it all from a different perspective. It’s interesting to see what emerges when reading them out loud.
    Glad you’re able to connect with them.