Picking Up Where I Left Off


and that would be from 2012.

Too much. Three years. Wow, how time flies.

And it’s time to get back here and share some more Neville, thoughts and who knows what else along the way.

The last few years have involved a couple moves, the last being a move back to pretty much where I grew up. Good to see old friends and catch up on the last 30 years or so.

Yea, it’s been that long since I was around here for any length of time….

And after this last move, which was predicated by NOT being able to get me and Key-ra down to Costa Rica for the winter, again got to take time to unpack, unload and PURGE!. More on Costa Rica in a bit.

It’s been great to downsize again for sure. And for the first time in a long time I am actually feeling at home.

DSC_0364Though like I said before, the idea was to be in Costa Rica for five months to escape the winter weather here in Canada. Fact is after I looked back the one, or one of the major thoughts in my head along with the imagining of being in Costa Rica, was just get me out of this place. Meaning the dwelling /location I was previously.

And apparently this thought was far stronger than the thought of being able to live south for the winter. And from where I sit now, I am glad. I love the new place. And I’ll get back down south later in the winter for a couple of weeks. And Key-ra will get to have a doggie visit with some friends, but there was no way I was leaving her here for five months.

Ahhh, let’s step back  a bit for some background of this whole scenario.

I was in Costa Rica earlier in the year. Here again to escape what can only be descibed, at least by me, as winter hell. It was so brutal here last winter I finally just made the decision to go. Note: I had been planning on seeing Costa Rica (on the bucket list) for a few years. But, I had always made excuses as to why I couldn’t go.

Well, the funds weren’t there when I made the decision and long story short, they came in a phone call a few days later and arrangements and tickets got taken care of.

This was just the first of many “things” that occured after the conscious decision to go. One of the other reasons I was going there was to meet with a friend I had  met online a number of years ago. Trevor “Toecracker” Crook. The reason being he’s a great copywriter and I had also made the decision to work more to that direction business wise and  I knew Trevor was the guy. If you’re looking for a mentor as well as learning the ins and outs of copywriting, check out Trevor. The man comes highly recommended.

A great time was had by all in the South and got to hang out with Trevor and a few other new friends in the sun and catch up, form new friendships and explore the wonders of Costa Rica. Well worth it to say the least, to the point where I wanted to buy a condo and move, LOL. Yes I got hit by the Costa Rican Pura Vida!

Fortunately one of my new friends, a frequent visitor and landowner laughed and got me to chill and take a look around first. Hence the decision to try and make the trip for the winter this year to look a lot deeper and explore more of this beautiful country.

Honestly, I’m not much of a winter person anymore these days and the sun, sand and jungle are so tempting.

So when I got back I was primed and pumped and very very mellow. That’s when the next phase of this scenario popped up. And from an old acquaintence, you’ve heard me mention him here before, Leslie Fieger. A great mind and seems like a pretty straight shooter. Low and behold the project he’d been working on before I left was completed and launched, Your Prosperity Mojo. Bang.

He hit a home run here, from where I sit and I’ll be talking more about that in another post real soon. Just to give you a fuller picture. It really was a major eye opener into my day to day living, certain thought patterns.

So that was the third major thing that occured, I’m sure lots of little ones that were involved as well that brought me here to this point. As is always the case. Being aware of the little steps, those pop ups that are  like breadcrumbs along the trail.

That’s it for the time being. Back to finishing up some more recordings and getting them into the cloud or something. Not sure but I need an easier way to relay them to you. I’ll let you know.


Best for now.





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