On Thought Strings and Follow Through

On The Subconscious Mind

How much time do you spend thinking? I mean really thinking. Creating and actually being able to focus on what is going through your mind.

The chatter part, that if you let it will take you all over the place in such a short period of time. And a lot of the time not in the direction you’d intended.

Something that I’ve come up with over the last few months of somewhat radical change for me is something I call thought strings.

What’s that you say? Well, the way I’ve come to look at it is the more aware you are of what you actually think, where it comes from and where it leads the better results you can get.

Mind Over Matter

For instance, I’ve been keeping my mind on a bit of a short leash of late. Now I know the power of the mind is pretty incredible so I’ve been putting it to work.¬† A constant repetition of goals and desires. A steady picture in my mind of what I am creating. The picture of it.

I don’t allow my mind to wander¬† much at all. Now that’s pretty much a fulltime job to be sure. So, when it does happen that my mind starts to wander, before I correct it and get it back on track, I pay attention.

I pay attention as far back as I can. Where did this thought come from and what string of thoughts occurred while my mind was left free to roam. Did something distract me and if so what was it and why.

I know this sounds like a lot of aggravation but I’ve found it very rewarding in a macabre sort of way some days. Somewhat like a forensic process for the mind.

Now this might not be for everyone, and can actually be bit of a drag. The end result though is more clarity and focus as far as I can tell. That and a stronger will.

Check it out, let me know in the comments what happens or if you think I’m just blowin hot air at ya.


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  • No way mate, you are definitely not blowing hot air!

    I found a website the other day that I want to share with everyone…


    This addy is on facebook, who runs it, I have no idea, but should anyone become a fan, there are several free lectures that you can copy and download.

    What I think of during the day, I am going to try my best to dream of it at night, and I will continue to do this until I see the results that I want to see, then after that I will think of something else that I want in this lifetime and work on that until it comes to pass. I have a saying on my desk top which keeps me in line during the day…”Consciously claim yourself to be that which you seek” That keeps my mind in line.

    Y’all have a great life, I know I will!