Dan Carter Inspires From The Heart

I had the great opportunity yesterday to sit in on a lecture from Dan Carter. The small business group I belong to manged to get him in to speak with our group . To the right is a quick snap I got shot after the presentation.DanCarter_Paul

What started off as Dan coming to share his story with us in a short 45 minutes, stretched to a 3 hour session with a breakout for some of us to find out how to use the media to get ourselves and our businesses free advertising.

What an inspiring individual to say the least. If you don’t know Dan or his story you can find out more about him at www.dancarter.ca.

An inspring story teller and keynote speaker, television host and producer, Dan’s own story is one of triumph over adversity. Conquering fears and altering fate Dan went from a life of addiction, being unable to read or write in his 30’s, to becoming a well known figure in the Durham region as well as around the world.

Dan has written a book sharing his journey, titled  “It’s The Right Time Now.” I did some research on Dan before going to the event to see who he was. I knew some about but him but wasn’t nearly prepared for what I found upon meeting him.

For me personally it showed me that there is a purpose in making it through some of the so called tradgedies of our lives. To share those growth experiences with others to show them that no matter how far down you think you are there is an upside. That we all have the ability to move beyond the tradgedy, to make a difference in someone elses life. By truly listening to others and sharing what we have even though in our minds we see it as not enough, there is someone out there that has even less.

In addition to Dan inspiring others through his spoken word his actions speak even louder. He’s created the “Hope Center Of Learning” which is used during the day by seniors with Alzheimer’s disease and their caregivers and by youths after school  for learning programs, studying and snack programs.  He’s started the Isobel Carter Youth fund that provides the selected student under 15 with a $500 RESP, in honoour of his mother.

If all that isn’t enough there’s the Day of Hope and Leadership. The Day of Hope and Leadership is a unique one day investment in professional development that invites business, government, service agencies, chambers, small business owners, corporate management, police services and students to hear and share the latest ideas. Ideas about how we can improve, enhance, inspire and motivate our businesses and our communities to overcome the hurdles that many are facing in this fast place world.

I guess it’s pretty obvious how much this man touched my life in that brief 3 hour period. Life is full of events that we pass through. Some touch us, others are fleeting yet some others have such a profound effect that they can change the course of the river. This was one of those moments.

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