Checking On Your Power Of Awareness

Today Neville shares with us a bit about awareness.

I’m a big promoter of this one little bit that, from what I see both in my life and the lives of others is sadly neglected.

We wander about for the most part. Missing out on those things and people and events that are put in front of us to move us to another level, simply, because we don’t see them as parts of what we feel is the way we are going to get the thing we are focusing on.

Obviously nature is far smarter than us, yet we ignore it. The naturally occurring events. The homeless person that shares a moment of wisdom that we shove off  and ignore it because of where it’s coming from.

Anyways, more on that one later, for now,


Here’s the audio lecture from Neville’s  The Power Of Awareness

and here’s the Neville lecture itself on The Power Of Awareness.



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