By Imagination We Become

Our second Neville radio lecture again comes from July 1951. Seems Neville was on a roll in those days. Fortunately for us today to say the least.

Here in this lecture Neville expands on the imagination creating reality scenario for us. We know don’t we that there is nothing in this life we can’t change through imagination, though, mmm, I do have problem with that one.

I think for the majority, I believe this to be true, with some exceptions. And please, don’t ask me to start listing them I think a few of them are pretty obvious. We work with the hand we’re dealt when we come into this world.

That said, there are a lot of aspects that without a doubt, can be altered. Can be re imagined if you will. And although as Neville tells us it’s as easy as imagining, the control of the mind and that imagination are key.

Call this all a progressive science if you will. It works with the laws of the universe and in degrees increases with our strength of ability. The stronger our ability to imagine, the clearer we become. Our vision and our seeing in this world of Caesar becomes more like our inner vision.

By the end of this lecture it’s apparent that the single thing to take away, for me any ways, is imagine you have it first. See it. Feel it. Be a part of it and the feelings involved with what it is we seek.

And as a quick aside, and a bit funny for me at least is something that happened to me last week.

You see it’s been some time since I had a car. Just hasn’t been the need. So that said, I have decided I once again wanted to be able to travel around and drive. I picked in my mind the type of vehicle I wanted. Colour, interior , style, right don to the stereo inside.

And then I set a scene of this vehicle outside, in my parking lot in a specific spot out side that I see when I go to the balcony and I imagined it there. I imagined it a couple times a day, lovingly. As I walked the dog, or was taking a break. Not once thinking of how I was going to pull this one off.

Never the less, I continued for a few days and on the fourth day I went out to the balcony for a smoke and looked in that parking spot and damned if that exact vehicle wasn’t sitting in that exact spot. That exact model. That exact color.

As I looked down and smiled to myself a very attractive young blonde woman, hell, she was actually pretty hot, walked from the tattoo shop, over to the vehicle and got in , started it up and drove away. LOL.

So there you go. Obviously I missed something along the way and have now gone back to the drawing board so that next time, it’s not close or almost. Oh and maybe the blonde should be added into the imagining as well, do I take what happened as a sign from the universe I didn’t go far enough? ­čśë

Talk soon.


Here’s the link for the pdf of By Imagination We Become


and yes, I am doing the accompanying audios for you as well. Here’s the link for the audio of this radio lecture #2



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